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Dance room slow shake and other places lighting design case sharing

Release date:2019-01-15

The computer lights on the stage can be combined with the lens scanning computer lights and the shaking head computer lights in the dance floor, and can be used in groups. The editing program can be edited according to the environment and the different needs of song and dance (slow song, fast music) to produce different Atmosphere
      According to the use requirements of nightclubs, DISCO ballrooms, slow shake bars and KTV venues, we have made comprehensive considerations in the design of lighting:
First, the stage part:
In front of the entrance and behind the stage, a PAR 64 (silver aluminum alloy case with good texture) spotlight is used. The entrance light source with a wide beam is used in front of the table, and the light is evenly distributed as a surface light; the medium beam is used at the rear of the stage. Projecting a beam of light toward the front of the stage. As a backlight, a top light is placed on the top of the stage. Thus, the basic light of the stage is enough to evenly illuminate the stage, and the color atmosphere is changed by adding colored paper, group programming, and walking lights to match the cabaret performance. Different needs. The use of imported light source in the United States, high reliability, no need to change frequently, there will be no bad use of the bulb bursting.
In addition, we have a scanning advanced computer light in the middle of the stage and on the back façade (GENIUS/Italian. Jane's LP 97 or HIGH END/USA. The TECHNOBEAM of the Light Wave - This lamp has been used for large parties and events many times. , '98 Faye Beijing and Shanghai used 24 in the tour..., two options are available, LP97 has complete functions and good quality, and TECHNOBEAM is a boutique in computer lights, each with its own characteristics. See information.)
Using the glass rotation pattern of LP97, three-sided prism, five-sided prism or TECHNOBEAM's three-dimensional three-dimensional art shape to project an extraordinary large-area spot on the stage. From time to time, the beautiful pattern of free-floating changes in the light spot is scanned by the lens. From the inside to the outside, the low-to-high sweep is combined with the beams cast from the back façade to create a variety of colors in the air. In addition, the headlights on the mouth of the station (GENIUS/Italian. Jane's LP 69 can be hung on the table and can also be placed on both sides of the ground stage). Because of its free angle of rotation, the beam scan without any dead angle can be taken care of. The stage and its surrounding light are needed. In this way, the front, middle and back fields echo each other. Under the good hardware level, the lighting engineer can fully play and make various special effects scenes to meet the various performance and activity requirements of the stage.
At the same time, the computer lights on the stage can be combined with the lens scanning computer lights and the shaking head computer lights in the dance floor, and can be used in groups. The editing process can be edited according to the environment and the different needs of song and dance (slow song, fast music). To create a different atmosphere. The patterns have been edited by art, up to dozens, hundreds of colors, and the colors (full color, half color) vary widely, resulting in an extremely rich color combination. The stroboscopic effect can be enhanced with the fast-paced tunes, and the white light is also enhanced. Can be used to chase light. In short, through the flexible use of computer lights, you can create the stage and hall tone of the freewheel. It is the best way to create features, atmosphere, and meet various requirements (singing and dancing, essays, Judy, fashion SHOW, etc.).
Second, the dance floor uses several parts of the lighting with different effects:
   A. Computer light: A number of lens scanning computer lights (GENIUS/Italian. Jane's LP 78) are used, which are characterized by very stable performance, bright colors and bright moving heads with the dancing machine (GRIVEN/ Geffen's GR 422: Beautiful appearance, good optical output, large spot, full-featured, UV effects, glass pattern and prism rotation, etc., combined with or used alone, to push the atmosphere in the dance floor to a climax.
B. Cosmic UFO Central Main Light (GRIVEN/Givin, Italy) is placed directly above the dance floor. Compared with other brands of main lights, the lamp is thin and has a large cross-sectional area. The motor runs quietly, and a variety of programs are built in. The program changes with the rhythm of the music, the beam changes, and the light coverage area is large. Therefore, one lamp can play the role of multiple lamps, and cooperate with the moonlight, the rotating tunnel lantern and other effect lights. Can be used for slow music; and with strobe, computer lights, etc. can be used for fast music. Normally, when the computer light is not turned on, it can be used independently.
C. Effect light (flower light): The tube scrolling lantern, Yili lantern, effect lantern and other patterns vary, dozens of beams of light are poured down, evenly spread on the ground, such as stars, or flowers everywhere, in the blink of an eye Change to other beautiful graphics, after a little smoke, the colorful beams of light in the air or interlaced or parallel, the effect is excellent; and the rotating tunnel lantern and the slow-changing moonlight (can add color paper of various colors) can form leisurely The fluttering aura and the radiant feeling are a perfect match for slow dancing or melodious dance.

D. Spotlight AR 56 is a silver aluminum alloy case with good texture. The colored paper is used after grouping. It can be used as the basic light of the dance floor and can also be used to make music with different music effects.
Spotlights and the like can be subjected to dimming and the like, and special effects equipment such as a snow machine is also arranged due to the possibility of performance. In addition, equipment such as powerful strobe lights are also available for performance and disco effects. Light control equipment also leaves a certain margin for future adjustments to add equipment.
   In short, this design considers the requirements of using the function in the selection of the luminaire, and carefully selects the reliable stability of the luminaire. The selected luminaire has good optical output, rich changes and stable performance, and very Innovative, such as: the use of moving headlights, lens rolling lanterns and rotating tunnel lanterns, etc., the effects are extremely rich, the effect is not achieved by previous or other similar lamps, therefore, they are the best price-performance ratio of the entertainment hall. Lighting.

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